About Us

Live Bakery Pvt.Ltd was established in 2072 B.S. Live bakery Pvt. Ltd Located in Kageshori Manohara Municipality ward No-7, Kathmandu, in Capital city of Nepal, It is one of the reputed Bakery company. It is the pioneer bakery shop to impart quality bakery food to the community of this city. It is established in 2072 B.S. Live bakery Pvt.ltd has a great contribution in the field of bakery and cake item production is proud of providing its quality.

Bakery production was started in 1982B.S. after the establishment of Hermann Helmers German Bakery in Jawalakhel by Ashok Kc. Kathmandu’s bakery culture has been rising among locals in recent years, coinciding with a change in food habits among Nepalis, who are starting to eat more western-style food. While many people in the West no longer eat gluten, a major component of wheat products, Asian societies are starting to discover the world of breads and pastries.

The tempest of bakery production blew and bloomed merely in 2070B.S. in Kathmandu with the establishment of this company. Since its establishment, it has been producing necessary bakery items for the overall city of Kathmandu. In 2074 B.S; the Bakery got its affiliation for “Short Term Bakery training” by CTEVT, Government of Nepal. At present, it has been producing modern design cake and bakery items. The factories are in operation through the use of modern technology with digital equipment by qualified, trained (certified by CTEVT) dedicated, enthusiastic, dynamic, Bakery Chef in well-facilitated, Sanitized physical features and management.

The Live-Bakery company currently run following outlet Live-Bakery (Pepsicola), Live-Bakery(Chabahil), Live-Bakery (Kamal Binayak), Hamro Live-Bakery(Golfutar), Live bakery (Balkot), Sabaiko Live-bakery (Sankhamul) and also made a plan to ran this bakery shop into the different city of Kathmandu as well as Nepal in near future with the changing perspective of Bakery production in Nepal.